Internships have been an integral part of this study abroad program since 1998. By working with American expats and Chinese professionals alike, students gain valuable first hand experience about the Chinese economy and society.

Note: By new Chinese visa regulations effected from late 2013, X2 student visa (for short-term study) may not cover internships. If there is any change in the near future, we will start to accept students for full-time internship.

Summer Internship

Dates: June - August
Deadline: April 5
Credits: 6.
Time Duration: 4 or 4.5 days per week
Fees: $4,000.00
    a. The fees include tuition, housing, and weekend excursions.
    b. A deposit of $1000 (included in the total of $4000) should be paid after a placement is made.

Fall & Spring

Dates: The same as for regular students in the fall or spring semester.
Deadline: June 1 (Fall); November 1 (Spring)
Credits: 9 for internship, 3 for any course from program curriculum if students choose to take a class.
Time Duration: 4 or 4.5 days per week.
Fees: $6,000.
    a. Deposit of $1,000 (included in the total of $6,000) will be paid after a placement is made.
    b. The fees include internship placement, seminar/course, housing, and weekend excursions.

Note: If the full-time intern students want to particpate in the end-of-semeser study trip, an extra amount of $1000 will be paid.

1. Requirements
    a. 3.2 GPA
    b. Resume and cover letter indicating choice of internship areas such as business, law, etc.
    c. Two recommendation letters- one preferably from a former employer

2. Application Procedures
    a. To fill out the online application form
    b. To email resume and cover letter indication choice of internship areas such as business, law, etc. to:
    c. To mail transcript and two recommendation letters-one preferably from a former employer-to B103, History Department, Peking University, Beijing, China, 100871.

3. Internship Seminar/Course
    During the fall/spring semester, full time intern students may take one course from program curriculum.

4. Grading
    a. A paper of at least 10 pages regarding topics related to the internship will be asked upon completion of the program. The paper should be an analysis of the businesses of the company or institution for which the students intern and how students benefit from the internship experience.
    b. Completion of at least 3 books or equivalent articles pertaining to the area of expertise of the internship host, or completion of a course from program curriculum.
    c. 80% of the grading is done by the intern supervisor/employer through an evaluation form; 20% on internship paper.


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